Energy Transition Leadership Programme – M2 – Renewable Energy Technologies

Energy Transition Leadership Programme – M2 – Renewable Energy Technologies

Course start date and registration

The course is now open for registration.  The module will be delivered through a combination of online theoretical lectures, self-study and group activities.  All online sessions will be recorded and remain available for 4 weeks after completion of the module.

In Week 0 we will introduce the module and the material through a 1-hour live session.  For each of the following weeks (i.e. weeks 1-5 with a gap in week 3) there will be a 2 hour recorded video to view, followed by a 2 hour live session as follows:

  • Week 0: Mon 06.02.23 @ 1400-1500
  • Week 1: Mon 13.02.23 @ 1400-1600
  • Week 2: Wed 22.02.23 @ 1400-1600
  • Week 4: Mon 06.03.23 @ 1400-1600
  • Week 5: Mon 13.03.23 @ 1400-1600

The price of the course is GBP £1,500


This module aims to introduce delegates to the fundamentals of key renewable and sustainable energy technologies with a view to distinguish key factors that should be considered in diversifying their portfolio of assets and activities, and prepare them for planning, construction and operation.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Adopt the right terminology when describing sustainable energy future projects and investments.
  • Identify the key aspects of the energy production, transmission and utilisation, and distinguish key players nationally and internationally.
  • Understand fundamentals and principles, technical configurations, current landscape, advantages and disadvantages, key cost drivers and emerging trends in onshore and offshore energy technologies.
  • Discuss technologies which are key to achieving the ambitious net zero targets, including geothermal, carbon capture, utilisation and storage, hydrogen production and waste to energy conversion.
  • Appreciate which technologies are more appropriate based on current activities, project portfolio and human capital of an organisation.

What will I receive?

  • Access to our online learning environment, Myplace
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