MATLAB®/Simulink for Vibrational Analysis and Energy Harvesting applications

Course start date and registration

The course will be divided in 5 lectures, from 2nd to 18th of December 2020, each covering one of the five days of course, for a total of 30 hours.

A morning theoretical session (9:00 to 12:00) and an afternoon hands-on session (14:00 to 17:00) will be provided.

Please refer to the attached course brochure for additional details about the class timetable and contents.


This course teaches computer programming fundamentals to those with limited to no prior experience, using the MATLAB programming system and language.

Assistant Prof. Andrea Coraddu, from the University of Strathclyde, is delighted to offer a hands-on approach to developing these skills targeted in towards applications in vibrational analysis and energy harvesting.

In this course, we will use MATLAB to explain general concepts in programming, which are general to any field of research or problem-solving, to build a strong foundation of programming concepts.

The course will advance to cover recursion, vectorisation, function handles, and algorithm efficiency during the morning sessions. The afternoon sessions will then cover the application of these concepts in vibrational analysis and energy harvesting during applied numerical sessions.

All course material will be made available for a complete understanding of the related subjects, as well as for future consultation.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Strengthen understandings of the fundamental computer programming concepts using the MATLAB Simulink computational framework
  • Build practical knowledge in a tool for carrying out research in science and engineering
  • Increase ability to model and critically analyse single, two, and multiple degree of freedom systems
  • Increase awareness on piezoelectric vibration energy harvester system

What will I receive?

  • Access to our live stream classes
  • Access to our online learning environment - Myplace
  • Access to the course material and documentation
  • Certificate for 30 hours equivalent CPD learning

More information

Download our PDF brochure
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