Engineering Fundamentals – International

Engineering Fundamentals

Welcome to Engineering Fundamentals – International

This class has been designed to help you learn some technical English terminology and introduce you the learning platform used at the University of Strathclyde called Myplace.


Myplace is used to enhance learning by supplementing face to face lectures and tutorials. It is not planned to replace face to face teaching but to help you study in your own time and improve your understanding of material delivered in person.

This class presents a broad range of essential engineering skills in order to help you develop English across a spectrum of engineering disciplines. We have chosen material that we expect you are already familiar with and experienced in to allow you to focus on learning technical English terminology and to revise material you are likely to have studied in previous years.

We hope you enjoy the class and using Myplace!

To access Myplace, you need to register

Once registered, sign in and return to this page.
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