When is an autocue not an autocue?

Holding an e-reader

You may know what an autocue is - a glass screen with the script hovering in front of the camera, often used in news presenting.

These are very useful for recording a pre-prepared script to camera, but how many people actually script their lectures?  Given the time required to prepare a script, and the style of delivery it would produce, we rarely use scripts in our production process.

So when is an autocue not an autocue?

We have designed a system to use a teleprompter glass (teleprompter is the generic term, autocue is actually a trademark!) but instead of a normal script, you can see your lecture slides right in front of you, in front of the camera.  Not next to the camera - not underneath it, and most definitely not held up by someone floating around with shaky hands trying hard not to sneeze.

This means you can look directly into the camera, and thus your audience, while talking about the slide.

You are also in control of the presentation, moving slides along as you progress.

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