Decision-making in Place-making (Part 1)


This series of videos explains decision-making about place making by presenting theoretical foundations, research, expert judgement methods; Scottish context, experience and policies; innovative teaching about community engagement and use of digital technologies.

More information on the speakers is available in our architecture blog.

What will I receive?

  • This package contains Part 1 only - 3 out of a total of 7 conference talks
  • Access to 3 videos: theoretical foundations, research, expert judgement methods
  • Download of your CPD certificate for 1h 30m of professional development

Part 1

Theoretical foundations, research on urban design and expert judgement methods

Key Learning outcomes

  • The theoretical foundations of place making
  • The impact of urban form on place making
  • Structured expert judgement methods in decision-making

Part 1.1

Questioning Participation and the value of the triadic paradigm of "conceived-perceived-lived" space (20m 57s)
Prof. Ashraf Salama, Head of Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde

Part 1.2

New approaches to enabling the flexibility in urban planning (30m 19s)
Prof. Sergio Porta, Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde

Part 1.3

Structured Expert Judgement methods for assessing risk and uncertainty (30m 30s)
Dr Matthew Revie, Department of Management Science, Strathclyde Business School

For more information

More information about the contents of this CPD course, including details of the speakers, is available on the Flexible Learning Centre blog. You can also purchase the parts separately if required.

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