Social Benefits of Innovative Lighting (Package)

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This series of videos covers the history of LED development, a brief overview of LED fabrication in the laboratory, and current developments in the field of low energy lighting. In the second part of the series, two architects from a Glasgow firm exhibit major community lighting projects in and around Glasgow - the history, how the communities were engaged in the design process, and the social impact the lighting has had.

More information on the speakers is available in our architecture blog.

What will I receive?

  • This package contains both Part 1 and Part 2
  • Access to 5 videos on the history, physics and fabrication of LEDs (duration 1hr 15m)
  • Access to 2 videos on the architectural projects in and around Glasgow (duration 45m)
  • Download of your CPD certificate for 2 hours of professional development

Part 1.1 Key Principles in the Design of Lighting

Key Learning outcomes

  • How natural light influences architectural design
  • How natural light affects the quality of human life and work performance
  • Natural light, social interaction and safety

Part 1.2 Fundamentals of LEDs

Key Learning outcomes

  • History and efficiency of LEDs
  • Components and composition of LEDs for lighting
  • Routes to white LEDs - Multi-colour LEDs vs Use of phosphors

Part 1.3 Colour Converters

Key Learning outcomes

  • How organic semiconductor materials can function as colour downconverters
  • Understand what a 'plastic' semiconductor is, as opposed to well-known silicon technology
  • The flexible nature of plastic electronics and how this can be exploited
  • The environmental benefits of plastic electronics

Part 1.4 Control and Smart Systems

Key Learning outcomes

  • How building management systems will be replaced by IP infrastructure
  • How IP infrastructure will help create smart buildings and interconnect with smart cities
  • How lighting is controlled and powered over an IT network

Part 1.5 Lighting as the Internet of Things?

Key Learning outcomes

  • Intelligent Lighting Centre Research Themes
  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The role of lighting on the IoT
  • How illumination and communication can be combined

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Part 2.1 Designing Lighting for Communities

Key Learning outcomes

  • How an architectural practice engages in civic lighting projects
  • Lighting of the Glasgow water towers
  • Lighting of the Titan Crane, Clydebank

Part 2.2 Working with Communities to Design Lighting Projects

Key Learning outcomes

  • What community projects were tackled with civic lighting projects
  • How children collaborated with architects in decisions about lighting
  • Lighting the bridge at Carmyle
  • Lighting high-rise social housing in Glasgow

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For more information

More information about the contents of this CPD course, including details of the speakers, is available on the Flexible Learning Centre blog. You can also purchase part 1 and part 2 separately if required.

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