Energy Transition Leadership Programme – M3 – Techno-Economics of Energy Systems and Integration

Energy Transition Leadership Programme – M2 – Renewable Energy Technologies

Course start date and registration

The course is now open for registration.

The module will be delivered through a combination of online theoretical lectures, self-study, and group activities.  All online sessions will be recorded and remain available for 4 weeks after completion of the module.

In Week 0 we will introduce the module and the material through a 1-hour live session.

For each of the following weeks (i.e., weeks 1-5 with a gap in week 3) there will be a 2-hour recorded video to view, followed by a 2 hour live session as follows:

  • Week 0 :  19/04/23 – 1400-1500
  • Week 1:   26/04/23 – 1400-1600
  • Week 2 :  03/05/23 – 1400-1600
  • Week 4 :  17/05/23 – 1400-1600
  • Week 5 :  24/05/23 – 1400-1600

The price of the course is GBP £1,500.



This module aims to introduce delegates to the fundamentals of technoeconomic assessment of energy systems and key aspects of their integration in future energy systems. As there are myriads of ways in which energy can be produced, stored, distributed for national, regional, local, and individual consumption, key emphasis is given to wind energy systems and thermo-chemical conversion technologies, and their integration into national grid and district heat networks.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Understand the main stages of a renewable energy project’s lifecycle.
  • Explore the links between energy systems, environmental systems, and the economy.
  • Identify key performance and cost indicators for renewable energy systems.
  • Discuss variety of economic and policy scenarios, formulate optimisation problems, and analyse objective functions and constraints in energy systems modelling, assessment and optimisation.
  • Explain the role of emerging technologies in the development of future net zero energy systems.

What will I receive?

  • Access to our online learning environment, Myplace
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