Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact Assessment

Course start date and registration

This course is led by senior practitioners in the subject area.  The course is now open for registration, course delivery starts on 24th January 2022.


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This course provides a current overview of leading practice related to social impact assessment of Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure projects that is consistent with IAIA’s International Principles for SIA, Guidance for SIA, IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards, Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) and the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

This course is aimed at early career IA practitioners, people who commission SIAs, people who would like to do them, people who are involved in assessing them, and people with a general interest in the field.

This course is delivered by Community Insights Group (CiG) in partnership with the University of Strathclyde Glasgow.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Strengthen understandings of the social nature of impacts on communities
  • Build practical knowledge in conducting ‘best practice’ SIAs
  • Increase ability to critically evaluate SIAs
  • Increase awareness of approaches to ensure SIA commitments are implemented
  • Create awareness of SIA as an ongoing process of adaptive management and engagement with stakeholders, rather than as a point-in-time assessment
  • Provide tools to realise the potential of projects to contribute to social development outcomes

What will I receive?

  • Access to our online learning environment, Myplace
  • Certificate for 60 hours equivalent CPD learning
  • Access to the course video material and documentation
  • CPD UK accreditation

Information about the course

You can download the PDF brochure
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