Technology and Innovation Management – Models and Tools

Technology and Innovation Management - Models and Tools

Course details

In the Technology and Innovation Management: Models and Tools course you will:

  • Gain knowledge of three models to make innovations happen
  • Learn about how to build innovation teams and manage partnerships
  • Leave with an understanding of how to run innovations as ‘disciplined experiments’.

This interdisciplinary course in strategy technology selection and innovation management integrates insights from research on strategy, management control, innovation, technology and organisational behaviour.

This course costs £250.

This course fee includes access to MyPlace our online learning platform, the course material for one year and a digital certificate of completion if you pass the final course test.

More details course information

is available on the university "Study with us" pages


We would recommend that this online course provides 4 weeks of learning material, at 10 hours a week.

The benefit of online learning is you can progress through the educational material at your own pace, and complete the course quicker or slower than the average 4 weeks. You will also gain access to the course material for a full year, so that you can refer back to your notes or material after completing the course.

This course will be launching in 2021, and once it has launched the course will be available for students to start flexibly throughout the year.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Blue Ocean Shift and Toolkits of Innovation
  • Model S: Introduction to Model S for small initiatives
  • Model R: Introduction to Model R for Repeatable Innovations
  • Model C: Staffing, Teams, Task Division and Common Mistakes.
  • Model C: Managing the Partnership and Disciplined Experimentation
  • Enabling, Running and Evaluating Disciplined Experimentation
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